Ruby ISBN Tools


The ISBN-Tools module was born out of my need to be able to manipulate ISBN numbers for my own personal database of books. I just didn't want to have to trust my copying skills and I am certainly too lazy to hyphenate the numbers manually. Hence this library.

If you find it useful, drop me a line through the site. If you find flaws or bugs, let me know and do not hesitate to make feature requests or bug reports. The library comes with no warranty except that it works for me ...

Hope it helps someone,

What it does ...

This library provides the ability to manipulate ISBN numbers. It knows about ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 numbers, has the ability to check if they are valid and convert from one format to the other. It can, of course, compute the check digit of both formats.

Finally, it has the ability to hyphenate ISBN numbers for the following group identifiers: 0, 1 and 2. Note that only hyphenation methods need to know about ranges, so all others methods (validity, checksum computations and number conversions) can be used with ISBN numbers from any group.
Other ranges could be added on request but I would need samples ISBN to check the result.

See also the RDoc API reference available on this site


I recommend that you install using the provided gem (see rubyforge download area). It will build the RDoc documentation for your local usage (through gem_server) and you can run the unit test at installation (for example, gem install -t ...).


MIT-Style license. See LICENCE file in this distribution.

Copyright 2006 Thierry Godfroid

Event Log

2006-09-28 - Release 0.1.0 is out
2006-09-30 - This site is up!